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Altol Training Center is a division under Altol Environmental Services, Inc., which offers different trainings in various environmental fields.

We have qualified professionals that can develop trainings to satisfy the client’s needs.

Standards and Certifications

Certified by the Environmental Quality Board of Puerto Rico, to offer courses for mitigation and control.

Managed under the international standards for recreational diving of World Recreational Scuba Training and for scientific diving of the
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS).

Also certified by Dresser Wayne, VeriFone, Gilbarco, Progressive International, Artisoft, Vender Root and Franklin Fuelling (Incom).

Our Trainings and Courses

Initial and Refresh Course for Asbestos Worker
Initial and Refresh Course for Asbestos Superviso r
Initial and Refresh Course for Asbestos Inspector
Refresh Course for Lead-Based Paint Inspector
Initial and Refresh Course Worker Removing Lead-Bas ed Paint
Initial and Refresh Course Supervisor Removing Lead-Based Paint

OSHA for Construction Industry
Initial and Awareness of HAZWOPE R
Respiratory Protection OSHA 29 CFR-190. 134
Point of Sale Training Laboratory
Automatic Tank Gauge
Environmental and Scientific Divers

Trainings Gallery