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Altol Environmental Services Inc. is a multidisciplinary environmental consulting firm, which provides comprehensive environmental engineering services.

Our firm is committed to provide technically superior services in a timely and cost-effective manner.

We provide quality environmental services to recognized companies of the petroleum industry, state agencies and independent clients.

Services are available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Environmental Engineering Services

Remediation Engineering
Groundwater/Soil treatment facility design
Specification preparation
Hazardous waste management, testing, removal and disposal
Remedial investigation & cleanup

Aquifer modeling Closures
Construction management
Removal, replacement and upgrade of UST and AST
Fuel tanks cleaning


Environmental Consulting
Air Monitoring
Monitoring of Fugitive Dust
Environmental Hygiene
Studies of Asbestos and Lead in Buildings
Studies of Fungi and Bacteria in Air (IAQ)
Phase I and Phase II Studies
S.P.C.C. Plan
Monthly Inspections

C.E.S. Plan
Environmental Permitting
Sampling and Testing of Soil
Testing Groundwater
Contamination measurements
Monitoring wells and tanks at gas stations
Cleaning and repair of storage tanks for petroleum products and fuels

Environmental Permitting

Air quality
Emissions inventory

Source testing
Hazardous and Non-Hazardous
Disposal Consulting


Consulting Services

EQB Regulations
EPA Regulations

Environmental Assessments

Phase I ESA
Phase II ESA

Regulatory Compliance


Call Center

Remote UST Leak Detection Monitoring Services

Industrial Hygiene

Supervision and Air Monitoring for Lead and Asbestos

Training Center (Certified by the EQB)

Leads & Asbestos Supervisors and Workers Certification 40 Hours HAZWOPER

Industrial Maintenance

Fuel Storage Tank Cleanups


Currently the only local company in the market with capacity to offer and perform the services within the Caribbean.

Drilling Services

The Power Probe Equipment has been acquired to perform any job that require:

Installation of well tubes
Monitor wells
Soil sampling
Multi Point sampling

Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements

The procedures are made following the Environmental Protection Agency and the Puerto Rico Environmental Quality Board

The purpose of the tests are:

For determining the integrity and evaluate the general condition of the tank.

Based on the readings and inspection we determine if the tank is conditions of usage.

We perform these services under a third party subcontractor.